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Application Process

How to apply to BAC 4 IN/KY Apprenticeship:


If you visit www.bac4, you can download an application You will be required to attach some paperwork to the application. You will need the following documents:


1. Copy of Diploma or GED

2. “Official” Transcript of Grades

3. Copy of Birth Certificate

4. Enclose 3 Signed Letters of References not related to you


Once you have all the documents and application filled out, you can email the application to


After I fill out an application, what is the next step?


If you return a complete application with all the documentation, you will be invited to the next hands on evaluation and interviews. The hands on evaluation consists of a math and ruler test, along with a hands on application of laying brick (no previous experience is required, instructions will be given) and interviews with the instructor and local JATC members.


What is the purpose of the hands on evaluation?


The evaluation not only gives us an idea if you are a right fit for the trade but if bricklaying is the right fit for you. Some find it is not what they are expecting while others find they have a knack for the trade and want to pursue it further. No previous experience is required. Local JATC members are looking at how well someone takes direction, how quickly they get a feel for the work, and if there is a true interest in the trade.


What happens after I become accepted in the program?


After you have been accepted, you will attend the pre apprentice school. The pre apprentice school will be held at the local chapters and consists of 8 weeks of training. Classes are held Monday thru Thursday. You will be paid $200 per a week if you attend every class.


Why do I have to attend the pre apprentice class?


The purpose of the pre apprentice school is to give you basic bricklaying skills so when you get on the jobsite you are prepared. Your instructors will give direction on what to expect on the job and what is expected of you. After you finish the pre apprentice school you will sign up with the union and start earning 50% of a journey worker’s local chapter wage plus receiving benefits.


What happens after the pre apprentice school?


After you complete the pre apprentice school, you will meet with your local field representative and sign up with the union. Your field representative will begin the process of finding you work and your instructor will get you started with the apprentice class.


When are apprentice classes held?


The apprentice classes are held once a week for 18 weeks starting in November and completing in March. Each class is an 8 hour day and will consist of classroom and shop time. Classes are held in winter months so your summer months aren’t disrupted for better opportunities for work.



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