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Following is information on upcoming career-trade events being hosted by community and educational partners across the State:

Date                         Event                                                                    Registration/Contact Info

Nov. 13-19th                    National Apprenticeship Week

11/28/23                          Sheridan Career Exploration Day

12/1/23                            Southport High School Career Day

12/6/23                            Martinsville High School Career Fair

1/25/24                            BAGL C2E Fair

2/15/24                            Lapel High School Career Fair

3/6/24                              Miami-Grant County College Fair

4/16/24                            Aspire Johnson County C9 Event

4/24/24                            Area 31 Partnership Day

4/24/24                            Hendricks County College & Career Fair

For additional information on these events, or to have your event included in our listing, please contact

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