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Commercial Carpenter Apprenticeship Program

The Indiana/Kentucky Regional Council of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship and Training

Program is pleased to provide a Commercial Carpenters Apprenticeship Training Program. 

This Program is monitored and approved by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training,

United States Department of Labor.


All applicants must apply at the Indiana/Kentucky Carpenters Apprenticeship School nearest their residence. Applicants are required to be a high school graduate or possess a GED. The applicant must meet minimum requirements of a Work Keys assessment, interview, and complete manipulative skills demonstration to qualify for the program. All apprentices must be able to obtain a security clearance. Apprentices are required to attend school one 40-hour week quarterly (total of 160 hours) each calendar year for four years, for a total of 640 classroom hours. Training is a combination of classroom and hands-on training. Apprentices are also required to work a minimum of 1,300 hours for union contractors each calendar year in order to earn their advancements through their apprenticeship training and achieve Journeyman status. Apprentices are also required to attend night school for 192 hours over the four (4) year period, and they will receive an Associates Degree in Applied Science from Ivy Tech State College.


After successful completion of the One-Week Pre-Job Training, each apprentice will be placed on a 180 day probation period and will receive 45% of the applicable Journeyman wage rate. After the probation period, beginning apprentices will receive 55% of the applicable Journeyman wage rate. Note: Advancements beyond 55% are increased 10% (through 95%) approximately every 12 months thereafter based upon meeting the necessary requirements (achieving the set number of required class hrs / work hrs / skill blocks). Apprentices will also have fringe benefits paid by the employer to provide health insurance and a pension (retirement) plan.


Each apprentice will be required to join a local union nearest their residence, as an apprentice, and pay union dues on a quarterly basis. Apprentices are required to purchase their books from the school, which will cost approximately $400 for the four years of apprenticeship. Apprentices are also required to purchase the required hand tools for use on the job and in school. Apprentices ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY TUITION TO ATTEND SCHOOL.


During the four (4) years of apprenticeship training, an apprentice will learn all different aspects of commercial construction that is considered CARPENTER WORK. The training may include, but not be limited to, the following:


Journeyman improvement classes will be provided in any or all of the above-mentioned subjects. If additional information is required, please contact the Indiana/Kentucky Regional of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program at either (317) 807-1116

  • Acoustic Ceilings

  • Solid Surface Repair

  • Cabinet & Countertop Installation

  • Technical Writing

  • Pedestal Floor Installation

  • Construction Materials

  • First Aid – CPR

  • Human Relations in the Workplace

  • Welding

  • Understanding Material

  • Ergonomics Awareness

  • Physical Science

  • Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • History of Organized Labor

  • OSHA 10-hour Construction

  • Safety & Health Course

  • Building Layout

  • Floor & Wall Layout

  • Framing (floor, wall, rafters, etc.)

  • Concrete Form Bldg

  • Metal Stud Framing

  • Carpenter Mathematics (conventional, Patented Form Systems, etc.)

  • Sofits

  • Doors, Door Hardware, & Windows

  • Drywall Application

  • Exterior Wall Coverings

  • Interior & Exterior Trim

  • Roofing & Flashing

  • Laser Level

  • Wood Strip Flooring

  • Blueprint Reading

  • Plastic Laminates

  • Stairs

  • Transit & Level

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